Jackson & Harrison Cos. Form Joint D.U.I. Task Force

Thursday, the Jackson and Harrison County District Attorney Offices announced a joint D.U.I. task force.

Jackson County District Attorney, Tony Lawrence, and Harrison County District Attorney, Joel Smith, hope this task force will make D.U.I. prosecution more efficient across the Coast. The task force will provide joint training with law enforcement agencies to help with everything from documentation out in the field to testifying in the courtroom. Lawrence says while law enforcement on the Coast has done a good job arresting and prosecuting D.U.I. offenders on the Coast thus far, more can be done.

Lawrence says, “I’m sitting in my office and I’m talking to a man who literally held his eight month old child and watched him die in his arms because a lady decided to drive impaired, and I’m reviewing the case file and realized there’s things we could have done differently.”

Lawrence hopes this task force will mean a difference for families like this. The first training seminar by the task force took place immediately following the announcement Thursday morning.

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