Jackson County Voters Speak Out

Economic development, drainage and flooding issues, the Singing River Health System pension debacle: these are just some of the issues Jackson County voters were keeping in mind when heading to the polls today.
Today, News 25 caught up with some voters on what important changes they’d like to see in Jackson County.
April Lynn Parker has been living in Jackson County almost all her life, she says economic and recreational improvements were on her mind as she cast her ballot today. “Activities for our young children. There’s nothing for them to do here. And I’d like more businesses, not casinos, I want, you know, restaurants.”
These were common themes among many Jackson County voters. Another issue: road conditions. Jackson County resident Amber Boren said, “My windshield has a crack in it from all the roads being so bad. I think that’s a big issue, too and drainage. I mean I’ve called down there to the county and got them to come dig the ditches out for my mom, but they came by and mowed the grass. That’s not helpful at all.”
Nearly a year after the Singing River pension debacle began, voters, like Lori Griffin, cast her vote in the name of justice for retirees of the health system. “I think they deserve more than what they have gotten with their pension and all the retirees what they’ve been going through.”
There are no Democratic runoffs in Jackson County, so if you voted Democrat on August 4th, you’ll have to wait until the general election to vote for any candidate regardless of party affiliation.
Jackson County Circuit Clerk Joe Martin said, “And people get confused. They think we register by party in the state of Mississippi, well, we do not. We register as registered votes and then you have to decide what party primary you want to vote in.”
With issues like pension troubles and flooding concerns, the next group of Jackson County elected officials will have their work cut out for them.

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