Jackson County teens save their friends from drowning

WXXV has the full story of a community coming together to save the lives of three friends after their car filled with water in Jackson County.

The night started with teens hanging out under an I-10 boat launch near the Pascagoula River, but ended with a brave rescue.

In video from the night of the rescue, you can hear the girls crying for help after their car GPS led them into the dark and ultimately off the boat launch and into the water.

When they felt the car taking on water, they panicked and tried to get out as soon as possible.

Cora Watson couldn’t swim and with one foot placed on a rock, she cried out for help, trying to stay calm.

The Bradley brothers, Kron and Caleb, were the first to jump in and help their friends, but taking on water made them sick.

Police arrived on scene and tried to help, but the water also made him sick and tired.

Corian Evans and the Bradley brothers jumped in, rescuing the officer and Cora, who was still fighting for her life. Cora said, “My story like has touched multiple people, like many people have contacted me and said how I am a living testimony.”

Kron said, “I feel like if I wouldn’t go get them, that’s like me not being a good friend or it ain’t righteous. I had to go get them. That’s all I knew was go get them out the water.”

Caleb said, “I love helping. It feels good. It feels good.”

Since the rescue, the teens have been named heroes in our community and say they would do it all over again if they had to.

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