Jackson County teachers receive pay raise

It’s been almost ten years since Jackson County teachers received a raise, but tonight all of that changed. The Jackson County School Board voted to pay educators what they’ve earned.
After a long fight for fair compensation, Jackson County teachers will now receive the pay raise they’ve been longing for. East Central High School Teacher Tonya Saksa said, “It started when we were asked to sign blank contracts at the end of the school year last year. In August, when we didn’t have the raise that we were promised, we approached our board members then.”
Negotiations started in September after the board proposed a merit based pay system based on each school’s individual rating. For instance, East Central High School is an ‘A’ rated school so teachers would receive a $1,100 pay raise. “Well $500 of that $1,100 supposedly suggested pay raise is part of a supplement that we are already getting.”
In an effort to please both parties, the board approved a district wide pay raise instead. East Central Upper Elementary Teacher Amanda Knight said, “We’re just happy because we feel like that really up until tonight, there had not been any communication with the board and that was a huge milestone for us to be able to talk to them and for them to respond back to us and that we could work together and we’re very happy about that.”
Educators left the meeting pleased with the progress, but still plan to fight for more money in the near future. “One thing that we are still going to be working for is to increase the ‘B’ supplement from $750 to $900,” said Knight.

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