Jackson County Supervisors Vote to Keep State Flag

Keep it flying: that was the decision made at the Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting earlier this afternoon.
Supporters from both sides of the controversial topic stood in front of the supervisors for about three minutes explaining why they should vote to either keep the Mississippi state flag on county properties or take it down.
After about an hour and over a dozen public comments, the Board of Supervisors made a vote 4 to 1 in support of keeping the flag raised on county properties. They explained it is a Mississippi law to raise the flag and they have to respect it.
Representatives from One Flag for All and the NAACP left the room in disappointment but tell News 25 this is not the end. NAACP President for Moss Point and Jackson County Curley Clark said, “We’re going to be vigilant here on the golden Gulf Coast to see if we can bring about a change, a needed change, to bring everybody together as one and move the state forward but until that occurs, we feel like it’ll continue, Mississippi will continue to linger in its dark past.”
Board President Melton Harris was the only supervisor who voted to take the state flag down on county properties.

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