Jackson County School District votes for return of virtual students

Jackson County School District’s 1,200 virtual learners will return to school tomorrow as a result of the Jackson County Board of Education’s decision.

On October 6th, the Jackson County School District Board said virtual students will return to in person learning on October 13th due to the percentage of students failing coursework. Superintendent Dr. John Strycker told WXXV that 60 percent of the students choosing the virtual option were failing at least one subject.

Joyce Lupo Duprey, a parent of two students in the school system, expressed her concerns. “For everybody that they come into contact with in school, that puts them at more risk for exposure and then if they get it, we’re susceptible, then our parents are, and then grandparents, anybody who’s at risk.”

On October 7th, Jackson County School District announced via Facebook there were zero reported COVID cases that day for faculty and staff, but was one day enough to convince worried parents? “My child actually had to be in school, it was mandatory for testing. She was there for two hours, the next day we received a call that she may have been potentially exposed, the one day we brought her there. So even though they may consider one day a major accomplishment, as a concerned parent, I don’t think it is good enough.”

According to the press release, Jackson County School Board members are concerned that students will continue to fall behind in their curriculum with virtual learning, but with only seven days to process the return, many parents have concerns of their own. “We didn’t have enough time to react to this. We weren’t given enough time to figure out our options. Just one week and it’s all or nothing.”

If a student or family member has specific medical conditions, they may provide documentation to opt out of the return.

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