Jackson County School District looks for new approach to facility bond

Nearly a year after Jackson County voters rejected a facility bond, the school district is continuing its quest for updated facilities.

In an effort to find a different approach to addressing facility upgrades across its three attendance centers, the Jackson County Board of Education has been holding facility workshops.

In the board’s most recent workshop Wednesday evening, district leaders discussed two topics that would have impacts on facilities as well as the school district as a whole.

Two new proposed housing developments are projected to be built within the district in the near future, potentially bringing more students.

Additionally, beginning in 2028, Jackson County schools will lose approximately $6 million annually due to the decommission of the coal units at the Mississippi Power Plant Daniel. Jackson County School District Superintendent Dr. John Strycker said, “We need to do a better job getting it out into the community and listening to the community needs, what the community feels are the priorities and communicating what we feel are needs are and using data to make our decisions best as we can but voting yes to raise someone’s taxes is an emotional issue and we realize that, but again our plan is two-fold, to take care of our financial need in six years and put money into facilities.”

Strycker says the board rushed the bond last time and are planning on being more methodical this time around.

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