Jackson County School Board votes to not renew superintendent’s contract

Yesterday, the Jackson County School Board announced the decision to not renew the contract of Superintendent John Strycker following his current term.

After serving as Jackson County superintendent for three years, John Strycker will not return to the position following the end of his current term.

This decision came during the school board meeting on January 9th.

News 25 spoke with Superintendent Strycker who says he was disappointed with the decision after being informed later that evening.

Strycker says strain within the district over the years such as a failed bond and a recent consolidation may have played a factor in the decision.

Strycker says he plans to stay active within his district during his last few months as superintendent and to finish his term out as well as he can. “My mindset is to – and you know it’s my job – is to stay positive. I’m the leader of the school district and people are looking to me, and so that’s my mindset even on Tuesday after this happened. My mindset is to stay positive, remember that I’m in it for the kids and do the best I can and to enjoy the job like I have.”

Strycker will complete his final term at the end of June.

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