Jackson County man charged with aggravated domestic assault

A man in Jackson County is charged with aggravated domestic assault after reportedly holding a woman hostage at gunpoint early Saturday morning.

Twenty-seven year-old Steven Harris gave himself up to the police after a five hour standoff inside a home in the Oak Circle neighborhood in Latimer. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department received complaints of multiple shots fired around 4:30 Saturday morning.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found Harris with a gun, holding his girlfriend. According to officials, the girlfriend said Harris was upset because one of his friends had been arrested.

Sheriff Ezell says shots of tear gas were fired into the home after Harris refused to cooperate with law enforcement.  Jackson County Chief Deputy John Ledbetter said, “About six or seven shots of tear gas into the house. That was not firearms or shooting, that was tear gas to get him out of the house. Once again, that may have alarmed the neighbors and may have raised some questions, but everything is good.”

Ledbetter says there could be more charges on the way since the investigation is still ongoing.

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