Jackson County Industrial Trade Show took place today

After having to reschedule, the 31st annual Jackson County Industrial Trade Show was today in Pascagoula.

The original date of the event was scheduled for March 17th, but due to COVID was moved to today.

The trade show is targeted to small and large businesses in Jackson County to give them a chance to network.

Businesses like Chevron, Mississippi Power, Goodwill of South Mississippi, and many more were represented to make connections with other local businesses.

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce enforced social distancing, masks, and temperature scans to ensure a productive event.  Jackson County Chamber Director of Development Jonathan Brannan said, “It’s extremely important to have this show. I didn’t actually realize until today, how valuable these connections really are between the big industries like, our gold sponsors, Chevron, Mississippi Power, Ingalls, are connecting with companies all over Jackson County.”

The exact date for the 2021 trade show has not been yet announced, but information regarding Jackson County be found at the chamber of commerce website.

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