Jackson County Finally Has a New Sheriff in Town

The long race for Sheriff of Jackson County has come to an end. Mike Ezell has defeated Scott McIlrath in the runoff with 64% of the vote. Wednesday, patrons enjoyed lunch at the Palace Café in downtown Pascagoula to celebrate.

People seemed relived now that Jackson County has a new Sheriff. Phillip Pine, a resident, says, “I thought the county and the Sheriff’s Department had been in limbo for quite a while now, for a year or so, and I am welcoming a solution or moving on from that problem we’ve been having.”

Just a few blocks away at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Ezell visited with deputies, men he will soon be in charge of. Ezell says, “I don’t expect there to be any push back. I think things are gonna’ go very well.”

The special election for the office began last year when longtime Sheriff, Mike Byrd, resigned after pleading guilty to state and federal charges. Ezell tells News 25 it’s time to restore public faith in the Sheriff’s Office. Ezell also says, “We’ll work hard for the citizens of Jackson County so that they’ll know they have a good Sheriff’s Office. They’ll be proud of us and we’ll be proud to serve the citizens here.”

Ezell says when he takes office, he’ll enforce higher standards for professionalism, training, and education. Ezell also says, “I went and got my Bachelor’s Degree while working as a police officer and I’m gonna’ really encourage officers to get enrolled in the community college and move forward with higher education.”

The people of Jackson County are happy to see things moving forward. Pine closes, “I’m happy with the overall results.”

Monday, December 1st, at 2 p.m., Ezell will be sworn in as the new Sheriff at the Jackson County Courthouse

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