Jackson County community supporting teen injured in motorcycle accident

The Jackson County community is coming together to support a Pascagoula High School sophomore who was injured in a deadly motorcycle accident on Saturday.

What seemed to be a typical day, a family celebrating a birthday on Saturday afternoon turned tragic after a motorcycle accident just a mile away from the party took the life of Jeremy Steinmetz.

He was showing off his Harley, taking a casual ride with his teenage nephew. It’s still unclear how the accident occurred, however both riders were wearing helmets.

Jeremy, who was a mechanic at Ingalls Shipbuilding, was found dead on the scene.

Sixteen-year-old Matthew Steinmetz was first treated at Singing River then transferred to USA Medical Center.

The Pascagoula sophomore has a broken pelvis, legs, and feet, but he’s responsive and awake, talking to family and friends.

Family friend Mandy Rickher tells News 25 Matthew’s personality would love the attention and support he’s getting from the community.  “Some of the teachers at Pascagoula School District had started a meal train which is on my Facebook page and then also a Chick-Fil-A fundraiser. I shared those. People just started reaching out. That’s the great part about living in this community, just everybody chips in and helps when things like this happen.”

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