Jackson County Circuit Clerk’s Office prepares for Presidential Primary

As the clock continues to tick down to Mississippi’s presidential primary tomorrow, News 25’s Toni Miles checked in with the Circuit Clerk’s Office in Jackson County and has what you need to know about tomorrow’s election.

Jackson County Circuit Clerk Randy Carney and his staff have been busy the past few weeks preparing for Tuesday’s presidential primary election.

On Monday, Carney and his chief deputy delivered the county’s absentee ballots to the election commission. As far as absentee ballots are concerned, turn-out was low. “Historically speaking, the primaries usually aren’t that busy, so we’re really looking for that to pick up in the November General Election. Here in the office we did 370 absentees total over a 45 day period.”

Voters will cast their ballots along party lines, choosing candidates in several races from the local to national level in Tuesday’s primary. “I think the Presidential race will be the big one. There were ten candidates on the ballot originally. They’re down to three. Seven had suspended their campaigns earlier, and we’ve also got three on the Republican side. You can’t cross parties. Mississippi has closed primaries, meaning if you vote Tuesday in the Republican Primary, and there is a runoff three weeks later, then you have to vote Republican still. Same with Democrat. You can’t cross party lines.”

There is one race that could be decided on Election Day: the Congressional Seat for District 4. “There are no Democrats in that race. It’s all Republicans. More than likely that will be decided in the primary. You have to have 50 percent plus one to win the primary. If you don’t get that number you have to go into the runoff election three weeks later.”

Also on the ballot are candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for Mississippi’s U.S. Senate Seat. The winner of that race will face Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith, who has no challenger.

Run-offs are set for March 31st.

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