Jackson County Circuit Clerk Joe Martin to Retire at the End of the Year

After 36 years of serving Jackson County, Circuit Clerk Joe Martin will retire at the end of this year. And with this being an election year, News 25’s Kristen Durand shows us what he’s doing to make sure this year’s election runs smoothly.
Circuit Clerk Joe Martin has been carrying out voter registration efforts and serving Jackson County since 1980 and it planning to retire at the end of this year. “I’m not ruling anything out; I’m going to stay involved in my community. I’m with the Boys and Girl Club, the United Way and the Chamber and I’m going to do some community service but hopefully also be able to travel with my wife and so, we have lots to be thankful for,” said Martin.
But until then, he’s working diligently getting absentee ballots ready for the August 4th primary election. “I want to encourage all the people to get out and vote, study the issues and the candidates that they’re going to be voting on but please get out and vote. If you qualify to vote by absentee ballot, we have them here in the office, please come on down and vote. If you need it mailed to you, we can mail you one,” said Martin. Martin says it’s going to be a big election year, as voters will cast ballots for everything from state positions to county supervisors.
Mary Hall, deputy clerk, said, “Everything the man does is dedication. He follows up on everything, he has meetings with use every month to make sure that what we’re supposed to be doing is followed up, and he wants a time frame as to when we’re going to have it done if it’s not completed yet.”
B.J. McCreary, deputy clerk, said, “But, he also cares about our family and that’s one thing that is very rare these days an am employer.”
Martin said, “Whoever gets elected is going to get a tremendous staff that does a great job and I’ve hired all of them and I put them against anybody in the state of Mississippi as far as the Circuit Clerks office.”
The six candidates running for Jackson County Circuit Clerk are Randy Carney (R), Frank Corder (R), Tanya Hasbrouck (R), J.T. ‘Tommy’ Martin (R), Mary D. Jackson (Independent), and Joe Watrous (R).

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