Jackson County CASA hosts annual Taters for Tots fundraiser

Jackson County CASA hosted their seventh annual “Taters for Tots” fundraiser which helps children get through the court system with unbiased representation.

Taters for Tots started off as a way to reach out to the community and inform them they needed volunteers to help achieve their mission. As word got out, community restaurants, organizations, and businesses donated food, money, and supplies to help make the fundraiser possible. CASA Executive Director Frances Allsup is overwhelmingly grateful for everyone’s support. “It was more of an recruitment effort than it was a fundraiser, because we wanted to get the word out that we needed volunteers out there being the voice for these children who’s been abused and neglected.”

Nicky Maxwell, owner of Mississippi Security Police, works alongside CASA. “The system operates better with people from CASA, CASA is there for those children and those children need it.”

With many volunteers offering to help bring CASA’s mission to life, Mrs. Mississippi 2020 Jamiee Dorris came out to shed some light on the efforts of CASA. “By getting a little more media attention so that more people can see what she’s doing and want to get involved themselves. It is incredibly important what they do, and a lot of times its invisible what they’re doing because you don’t see these kids but they exists and they’re in big numbers.”

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