Jackson County Board of Supervisors Host ‘Meet and Greet’ with SRHS Officials Next Week

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors is inviting state lawmakers and the public to a “meet and greet” with Singing River Hospital officials next Monday.
The board says this meeting is strictly positive.
News 25’s Kristen Durand heard from retirees today who say they’re still not satisfied with the lack of transparency throughout the whole ordeal.
It’s all about positivity, that’s what the Jackson County Board of Supervisors is emphasizing about next Monday’s meeting which is designed to promote Singing River Hospital.
Jackson County Supervisor District 5 John McKay said, “Yes, they’ve made mistakes, we’ve made mistakes, but we’re trying to put that behind us and trying to work forward and promote our hospital and make things happen that are positive.”
The public is invited to the meeting, which Supervisor McKay called a “cheerleader session” for the hospital; however no public comments will be heard.
Retiree Terry Wise said, “I think if you can’t ask questions, if you can’t stand up and say the ‘we’re glad the hospital is doing well but show us the facts and the figures, let us look for ourselves and see.’ Then it’s nothing more than a propaganda meeting.”
The supervisors hope to ease some of the tension between the county and the hospital with a current administration they think is doing a fair job.
Supervisor McKay said, “they lost $30 million last, 35 million the previous year. This year they’re projected to only lose five, so that’s tremendous turnaround, so they’ve done a good job in that.”
But retirees who are fighting to save their embattled pensions beg to differ. “How do they know? How do they know if the current administration is doing a good job? Have they looked at the books themselves? That’s what got them in trouble because they took face value information they were given and now they’re filing suit because they were given false information,” said Wise.
Retirees are asking for more transparency. Wise said, “This is our hospital, it’s where we get our healthcare. And we just want to be able to look for ourselves and confirm the information that we’re being given that it’s true and we can make our decisions based on that.”
As for next week’s meeting, retirees plan on going but say they are disappointed about not being invited to take part in the discussion.
The meeting will be held Monday at 8 a.m. in the Magnolia Ballroom in Pascagoula.

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