Jackson County Animal Shelter adoptions

After a great month of June, July ended up being the second best month ever for the Jackson County Animal Shelter.
While over 417 animals were brought in for the month of July, over 376 made it out alive. Officials say they are extremely happy about the progress this summer, but want people to know there are still many animals coming in, up to 30 a day. Therefore, they must continue to be adopted, rescued, or fostered in order to not be euthanized. Maridee Mallette with the Jackson County Animal Shelter said, “Our main goal here is to save lives. We are animal control, but we also adopt animals and euthanasia is not something we want to do. It breaks our heart. We have big hearts. We love animals, that’s why we are here. It’s hard work, very hard work, and we do not want to do it. Sometimes we have to and that is because the amount of animals that come in, we run out of cages. When we run out of cages, where are we going to put them?”
Workers at the shelter tell News 25 they believe they can continue the progress, but cannot stress enough the importance of getting your pet spayed or neutered.

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