Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Election Heads to Runoff

Jackson County Sheriff candidates, Mike Ezell and Scott McIlrath, won’t get a break in campaigning. The six candidate race has now come down to these two opponents, who will face off in a runoff election November 25th. It was definitely a close race Tuesday night.

Ezell held a solid lead, but the second place spot jumped between Shelia Smallman, Bruce Lynd, and McIlrath throughout the evening. In the end, after poll numbers and absentee ballots were counted, McIlrath had the second highest number of votes. Since neither Ezell nor McIlrath secured the 50% +1 needed to avoid a runoff, the two will now face off November 25th.

So now, both candidates are making the push to shake hands with as many voters as possible. McIlrath says, “I’m doing the same thing again today, trying to meet as many voters as I can, shake hands with them, ask them for their vote, and talk about the issues of the Sheriff’s Department.”

Ezell says, “Our message is clear, we’re going to get out there and we’re going to work hard. We’re going to meet the folks, we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. We’re going to change the way people think about how we do business.”

The candidates who did not make it to the runoff have to decide whether or not to support Ezell or McIlrath. Jeff Barnes has decided to endorse McIlrath, but Bob Cochran says he will not be endorsing either candidate. Bruce Lynd and Shelia Smallman were not immediately available for comment.

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