Jackson Co. Officials Meet w/ Singing River Employees

Tuesday, Jackson County officials met face to face with current and former employees to explain their plan to review the financial records of Singing River Health System (S.R.H.S.)

The review process will keep the health system’s pension plan in place for a short time. In a crowded Jackson County board room, supervisors explained the steps they’re taking to figure out what happened to the S.R.H.S. pension plan. Troy Ross, Jackson County Supervisor for District 4, says, “We’re gonna’ look at contracts, we’re gonna’ look at all the financials, and at the end of the day, we will have answers.”

In a memorandum, the hospital agrees to not terminate the pension plan during the county led review process, but this comforted the employees only a little. Phyllis Denmark, a retired S.R.H.S. employee, says, “And somebody in administration at that hospital, at that time, knew what was going on, stopped contributing to our fund and absconded with some money.”

For many current and former S.R.H.S. employees, there are still questions that have yet to be answered. Denmark also says, “My biggest question has not changed since the day I found this out. It’s who stole this money?”

The employees vented their frustrations at the supervisors and their attorney, Billy Guice. Denmark also says, “Sir, all they had to do was let us know the plan was in trouble and we would have stepped up and done the right thing. However, they chose to not even do that.”

Guice closes, “So you feel like you didn’t get communication and the fact that you needed. I don’t have the facts to answer those questions. We’re going to look for those facts.”

The review process is expected to take 90 days, and after it’s complete, the hospital may follow through with its plan to terminate the pension program.

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