Jackson Co. Animal Shelter Bids Farewell to Director

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is saying goodbye to their director of the past year, Diane Robinson.

Since her arrival, Robinson has improved the shelter’s adoption rate and cleanliness. Robinson has accepted a job with the Atlanta Humane Society as the Director of Operations of its Mansell Campus. Robinson says, "I’ve been very fortunate from the support I’ve had from the board and from the community and the rescues. It’s a tough position, but it’s really an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up."

In the ten months Robinson has worked with Jackson County, she has made a major impact by implementing eight new programs for the shelter. Maridee Mallette, Adoption Coordinator for the Jackson County Animal Shelter, says, "She has improved the shelter in so many ways, so many things that haven’t happened before, reaching out to the rescues. She’s really made the shelter a wonderful place for the animals. We’re going to miss her so much."

The thing Robinson says she will miss most about Jackson County is the community’s undying support. She says, "Everyone has been very supportive. You know, we’ve really had a lot of successes here in a short period of time and getting animals out and you know, getting improvements here at the shelters. You know, you can’t ask for more."

The director won’t be leaving just yet. She says she’ll be sticking around for a few months to help with the transitional period with the new director and also to take care of some unfinished business. Robinson closes, “The supervisors have allowed me to stay as long as I need to get a new director in place and still hire a veterinarian and some unfinished projects that I’d like to finish, so I’m going to stay and get all of those things in place."

The shelter is now searching for Robinson’s replacement, someone to carry on the vision and mission she brought to the shelter.

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