J.R.O.T.C. Students Participate in Wingman Day at Keesler

Through teamwork, ten local J.R.O.T.C. schools got the chance to prove they have the right stuff and learn about career opportunities in the military in Friday’s Diversity Outreach Program at Keesler Air Force Base. The base decided to combine the outreach program with the Air Force’s Wingman Day.

Shevonese Campball is a senior J.R.O.T.C. member at Biloxi High School. Friday, she decided to test her skills in the pull up competition at Keesler’s Wingman Day. Campball says, "We’re gonna’ do the pull up, push up competition and I am in that, so I’m gonna’ beat butt!"

That she did. Campball came in first place in the girl’s division. She says she couldn’t have won without the help of her wingmen cheering her on. Campball also says, "And it just wasn’t from my school, it was like everyone in the whole room was screaming, ‘Hey, you can do this one,’ and they were counting with me in my head and it was really motivational for me."

Luke Miller, a senior at Gautier High and the winner of the boy’s pull up contest, says these events are all about teamwork. Miller says, "Yeah, that’s everything, anytime we’re doing anything physical or P.T., we’re always cheering each other on."

Friday wasn’t all physical. The students got the chance to interact with airmen and learn about their expertise. Ashton McKinney, a junior at Biloxi High, says, "You got to tour a lot of the different jobs. They had the medical station set up and they showed us all the dummies and stuff, the internal organs, and all the cool stuff they do here at Keesler and then over there they had the air traffic control center, which was really complicated, but it was a fun experience all around."

1st Airman, Christopher Carter, a Medical Lab Professional, says, "It was actually cool to see kids who are invested and want to learn about that military and I find that kind of inspiring."

All the kids celebrating at Keesler were winners both physically and mentally, showing that everyone needs a wingman.

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