Italy's Salvini praises Trump, discusses school shootings

The leader of Italy’s right-wing League party says he admires President Donald Trump for keeping many of his campaign promises, but says arming teachers isn’t the way to protect children from school shootings.

Speaking Thursday at the foreign press association, Matteo Salvini said: “In my country, teachers teach. They don’t open fire, and they’re not trained to provide armed protection for students.”

Salvini’s League is part of the center-right coalition, including Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the right-wing Brothers of Italy, leading polls heading into the March 4 election.

Salvini says that while there may be instances of mafia influence in Italy’s balloting, he doubts that Russia would interfere. He said he didn’t think Russia or any other foreign power could be blamed for the victory of Trump or Brexit.

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