Island Outfitters Opens in Gulfport

This morning, downtown Gulfport welcomed a new neighbor to town.
Islander Outfitters cut the ribbon on its newest store, right smack dab in the middle of downtown Gulfport. Gulfport city leaders tells News 25 the clothing store, located on 14th Street, is one of the first true retail stores to make its way into downtown. The store brings dozens of jobs to downtown Gulfport and carries everything from beach wear to even some jewelry.
Owner Frankie Adams hopes this store will be welcomed in with open arms, just like his other one on the Coast. “It’s awesome. It’s a good day in Gulfport. We’re out of Ocean Springs and we hope y’all embrace us like they have. I want it to definitely be a destination where folks from Louisiana to Florida can stop by and say ‘we’ve got to check out Island Outfitters.’”
Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “We have this store. We have a jeweler that just opened up next door. There’s spots that are starting to fill up everywhere. Once we get the Marcum online, once we get the aquarium going, it’s like a good series of dominoes starting to fall in the right direction. We’re starting to see the beachfront redevelop again.”
Island Outfitters is located right next door to Tony’s Brick Oven Pizza.

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