Ion Exchange Filtration Plant in Gautier

If you’re in Gautier and ask for water at a local restaurant, your server will probably bring out a glass of water that doesn’t look like it should be consumed. Residents in Gautier are tired of seeing their glasses full of red or brown tinted water. After three decades of dealing with the issue, clear water is on the way.
Gautier resident Zak Knox said, “It looks like watered down orange juice and sometimes it’s more brown, sometimes it’s a lighter tint of orange but it’s always off color. The smell is not terrible. It doesn’t taste good.”
Knox previously lived in Utah and moved to Gautier about two years ago. He recently joined nearly 450 other Gautier residents fed up with the quality of their city water. “It’s like an ongoing joke, the water in Gautier. The people have heard the joke, if you’re in Biloxi, if you’re in Pass Christian, people know the joke. It’s ‘ew, this is Gautier water.’ I heard that joke before I moved to Gautier and I finally get it,” said Knox.
The joke on Gautier water will soon be a thing of the past. The city of Gautier wants residents to know that help is on its way. The new ion exchange filtration plant has already turned 25 percent of residents’ water from brown to clear. City Manager Samantha Abell said, “This is the first in the state of Mississippi. We looked at states like Florida and other places overseas and what you’re able to do is use a resin process that binds to the tint of the water and pulls that color out.”
Abell says the $3.1 million plant is not costing taxpayers extra money because the city refinanced old bonds to pay for the project that will cost less than originally expected.
The hardest part is that residents may have to deal with tinted water for up to a year longer while  Clear Water reaches the entire city. “Whenever you guys are ready you can make the water clear,” said Knox.
Abell tells News 25 that Gautier residents should call Clear Water if their water seems to increase in tint color. It means the filter process is working and Clear Water will flush the line to solve the tint problem. Their number is 228-497-4283.

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