Intercession Camp and Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Discovery Intercession campers at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center were in for a treat today as they learned the process of growing a green bean plant.

The camp is designed for children ages four to ten years old and is filled with activities that bring science and art alive for children.

A variety of learning experiences include art, STEM, cooking, and planting.

Over the next two weeks, campers will watch the growth of the green bean and will document what it looks like in their observation journals.

One camper says she cannot wait to put the bean in soil and bring it home with her. Hannah Heppel said, “First I wetted the towel. Then I putted coloring in the towel. Then I put the seed in and in about four or five weeks it will become… in just a few weeks it will become a plant!”

Once the seed was ready for the sun, it was officially time for a dance party.

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