Institute of Marine Mammal Studies

Many coast residents are familiar with the story of the eight dolphins swept into the gulf by hurricane Katrina. Today News 25’s Shelby Graham visited the Institute of Marine Mammal Studies to find out where the dolphins are now and how far the program has come.

News 25 met with the director of what is now called the Institute of Marine Mammal studies to hear the miraculous story of how 8 dolphins survived hurricane Katrina and how far the facility has come since the hurricane. Institute of Marine Mammal studies president "It got destroyed in hurricane Katrina. We had evacuated as many animals we could. Some of these animals like these 8 dolphins were left in a 30 foot tank. Unfortunately the tidal wave was huge and they go swept away. "Solangi explained it was impossible to evacuate all the animals and in fact it was safer to leave them in the tank.

The facility immediately began looking for the 8 dolphins after the storm was over and to their surprise just 12 days later the found all 8 dolphins in the gulf. Tim Hoffland "Considering we just came off 12 days of rescuing sea lions is was actually a relief to be on the water. It was amazing to find them all in one place that was a big surprise. As soon as they saw us they knew who we were and it just made our job that much more easy."

After the 8 dolphins were found they were moved to the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas. Solgani tells News 25 that they are doing well. President  "We are really sad to see the animals go the community misses them but we are gonna come back were gonna come back bigger and better and Its going to be really exciting "

For more information about the facility you can call 228-896-9182

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