Inkin’ the Coast

It’s that time of year again for all of you tattoo lovers out there. Inkin’ the Coast is here.
This is the sixth year that the event will be taking place on the Mississippi Coast. Since its inception, the tattoo convention has grown considerably.
It’s not just for tattoo lovers, Inkin’ provides plenty of entertainment for those that appreciate art and music as well, but the weekend long affair is a great chance for locals to get tattooed by some of the most famous artists in the tattoo world. Aaron Antonucci with Inkin’ the Coast said, “We wanted to bring something different that people could experience. Cruisin’ the Coast is coming up next week. They are coming into town now. That’s an unbelievable experience and we just want to add something different that ties into everything on the Coast and gives people something to do.”
Dave Clark with Ink Masters said, “There’s a lot of great tattoo artists from all around the world that are going to be here. There are artists from all over that you’d probably never get a chance to see.”
Inkin’ the Coast will continue at the Coast Coliseum and Convention Center through October 2nd.

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