Ink in Downtown Ocean Springs

There are no tattoo machines buzzing on government Street in Ocean Springs today, but local world-renowned tattoo artist Matt Stebly is looking to change that by opening a tattoo parlor and art gallery. A business that has been met with some resistance from community leaders.
"There is a rumor that the aldermen are against allowing him in downtown and that’s not true, we want him to make a presentation to the board of aldermen so we can work with him,” said Alderman John Gill.
Stebly says he intends to do just that at the next board meeting this Tuesday with the hope of changing the zoning restrictions, so his art can have a home of its own.
"We’d really like to speak to the board of aldermen and the mayor, they’re working on some changes with the code, and we’d like to show our support for those changes,” said Gina Stebly.
With this issue, the film ordinance, and vacation rental properties on the calendar for the next meeting, Tuesday is shaping up to be an important day for Ocean Springs.
"There is a stigma of tattoo parlors so to speak but the younger generation feels differently, I don’t personally have one, I will not, hope my daughter won’t, but at the same time it is part of the culture and is developing into its own art form and has for thousands of years,” said Connie Moran.

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