Ingalls to Christen Newest National Security Cutter

The U.S. Coast Guard’s newest national security cutter is being prepared for its christening at Ingalls Shipbuilding. It’s being named for the only man who has ever received the Medal of Honor in the entire history of the Coast Guard.
“Did they get off?” Those were the last words uttered by Signalman First Class Douglas Munro before he suffered fatal wounds from enemy fire during World War II in 1942. Munro provided cover fire for Marines as they evacuated from Guadalcanal, under attack from the Japanese. That bravery would earn him the first and only Medal of Honor awarded to a member of the Coast Guard.
His great niece says this selfless action is a common trait among Coast Guardsmen. Ship Sponsor and Munro’s great niece Julie Sheehan said, “I think that’s the thing with people in the Coast Guard. It’s that they just kind of step up. It’s something I’ve noticed with everyone I’ve met in the Coast Guard. They just step up and do the work and don’t think of it as being heroic. It’s in their blood, in their nature to help people.”
Tomorrow, Ingalls will christen its newest national security cutter, the Munro. This is the sixth of the eight that will be built in Pascagoula. The job of security cutters is to act as a center for Coast Guard operations while afloat. Captain Tom King, Munro prospective commanding officer, said, “It does an incredible job defending the United States and pushing our borders further offshore to interdict illicit activity away from our borders and it’s the first line of defense out there.”
There’s still nearly a year before the Munro will be delivered to the Coast Guard. When it is, and when this ship hits the water to defend our country, the ship’s prospective commander says it’ll be another great representation to honor the ship’s namesake. “Having the name of Munro attached to this ship is quite an honor. Douglas Munro is a true hero for the Coast Guard and for the country. His name has been celebrated numerous times throughout the Coast Guard.”
The U.S. Coast Guard’s national security cutter, the Munro, will be officially christened tomorrow at Ingalls.

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