Infinity Space Center Day at Biloxi Excel by 5

Families were over the moon to attend a day dedicated to all things outer space.

Biloxi Excel by 5 is a program for children from birth to five-years-old that works to get them ready for kindergarten.

The group hosts an event once a month and January was Infinity Space Day! Children gathered around Infinity CEO and Executive Director Michelle Anderson as she read the book ‘Roaring Rockets.’

After story time, the participants got to create a rocket picture frame, make a yummy snack, and then leave with a copy of the book. “It is a joy! They are so fun. They’re so energetic and they keep me laughing. Never know what they’re going to say, but then again, I actually pull from their energy and am able to keep going. It’s just an enjoyable experience.”

Biloxi Excel by 5 Certification Manager Susan Hunt said, “I’m a former school principal, and what’s important is all the young people and their parents, and making a difference in our community and world.”

Be on the lookout for their event next month where they’ll celebrate the Mardi Gras season.

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