Infant circumcision protest

The Bloodstained Men and Their Friends organization hit the streets of Gulfport to protect children and future generations from genital cutting.

This nonprofit organization was on East Pass Road and Cowan Road with blood stained clothes to raise awareness on the effects of infant circumcision.

Based out of Davis, California, the group visits 60 cities a year to spread their message.

According to the group’s press spokesman Harry Guiremand, the procedure usually happens during the first year of the young boy’s life and causes unnecessary damage. “People think that somehow this is something that needs to be done. The rest of the world doesn’t do it. In Australia, they used to do it. About 40 years ago, they stopped. Their health improved. We are told that it is better for your health. Well, the real world says no.”

Guiremand tells News 25 the circumcision procedure is cruel, irresponsible, and violates the rights of babies.

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