Increasing number of Mississippi students in quarantine

In the weekly Mississippi State Department of Health COVID update meeting, topics of surpassing winter peaks, growing infections and quarantines and new resources to help hospitals were released.

Kicking off the meeting, Dr. Thomas Dobbs explains Mississippi is not as immune or vaccinated as he’d like us to be.

With increasing numbers of teenage and young adults testing positive for COVID and about 89 percent of hospitalizations making up those who are not vaccinated, Dobbs ensured COVID vaccines are safe and effective.

MSDH reports an increase in vaccinations across the state and last week 71,000 more Mississippians were vaccinated which will help reduce the spread in the coming fall months.

Dr. Paul Byers reports 20,000 students quarantined the week of August 9th through the 13th which exceeds January and February numbers. Dr. Dobbs said, “We are clearly at the worst part of the pandemic that we’ve seen throughout and it’s continuing to worsen. We are seeing higher and higher numbers not only of cases but also hospitalizations people in the intensive care unit life support and then like we’ve seen before sadly additional deaths are going to follow.”

Dr. Byers said, “Since school began, we now have over 20,000 kids that are currently under quarantine and that was for the week of August 9 through August 13 and you can see that these are dramatic numbers when compared to the number of schools actually reported it was about 800. You can also see the overwhelming number of cases that we’re seeing in students and in teachers. Remember that the schools are reflective of what’s going on in the community, a lot of this is reflective of the high levels of community transmission that we’re seeing throughout Mississippi in all counties.”

To help assist with hospital staffing, today MSDH issued a health office order permitting certified paramedics, advanced emergency medical techs, and EMTs to care for patients in a MS licensed hospital, ER or other part of the facility while not on duty to assist within their level of certification.

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