Improvements are Launching at Stennis

Updates and improvements are ready for takeoff at the NASA Stennis Space Center in Hancock County. Today, the center director’s annual briefing explored what lies ahead for Stennis.
Exploring what’s beyond Earth takes a lot of groundwork. The Stennis Space Center has a huge job ahead, testing the space launch system, preparing their B2 test stand for the most powerful rocket ever built. Center Director Dr. Richard Gilbrech said, “We’ll give it a whole full 500 second duration firing, that’s 2.2 million pounds of raw power we’re going to test and prove out so we can get into this journey beyond lower Earth orbit.”
It was a full crowd for the center director’s annual briefing at the Stennis Infinity Center in Hancock County Wednesday morning. Officials and Stennis partners were given an update from the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. Dr. Gilbrech discussed updates, improvements, and plans to help Stennis become more competitive so the space center can grow. “We’re coming up with a lot of fore leaning ideas and socializing them with our tenants and with our NASA headquarters and with the state to look at ways we can open up more business opportunities in the region.”
What about the Infinity Center? They’re expanding too. One of their new exhibits, projected to be done this October, is a new large 3D theatre. The mission is to get people to stay one day longer. Executive Director of Infinity Science Center John Wilson said, “We moved the first stage of the Saturn 5 rocket here in June and we’re now putting it on display so that people can walk around it and see this large piece of Apollo space hardware.”
These improvements are designed to eventually lure the next generation to help keep the future of NASA and Stennis strong. “These exhibits that we’re building are all aimed at making people curious and going beyond what they learn here. For some, hopefully, maybe make a career out of this really cool stuff,” said Wilson.

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