Improvements in the City of Waveland

A big wave of excitement taking over Waveland right now as the city continues to see progress in new community developments on its beach front and beyond.

Along with the recent addition of a new lighthouse, the city is excited to soon welcome the completion of three miles of sidewalk on Waveland Avenue as well as handicap accessibility to the beach, and a new bathroom unit under the municipal fishing pier.

Early next month, residents will also see a new, revamped community center at MLK Park, offering a children’s playground and a resurfaced basketball court.

Mayor Mike Smith stopped by the studio this morning and tells us how these additions have helped the city. “It’s been phenomenal, and it’s really done exactly what we thought it would do. It brought people to our beachfront. It brought families to the beach. We’re working with the Secretary of State to amend our lease to let us put food trucks right there at the lighthouse so you don’t have to leave to go get a drink, or a snowball, or a sandwich.”

Last week, late former Mayor Tommy Longo was remember with a memorial at the Ground Zero Museum with the planting of new pergolas and oak trees to honor his contribution to the community after Hurricane Katrina.

Mayor Smith says the city has seen a lot of progress since Katrina and he looks forward to what’s still to come.

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