Ice skating returns to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Ice skating returned to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum just in time for lots of holiday fun.

The first ice skating session began this evening and will continue until January 2nd.  Each skate lesson lasts 90 minutes and is limited to 220 skaters.

Skaters are encouraged to bring socks and warm clothes because it gets chilly in the arena.

Anyone can enjoy ice skating. Inexperienced skaters can rent Bobby the Seal to help aid them in their skating adventure. Ice Skate room coordinator Donna Donoho said, “Family, children, moms, dads, come out with your kids. Have a good day. Enjoy it. We do have late night sessions this year and I hope to see maybe more of the young adult groups that want to come out and just kinda have a good time.”

For more information about policies and a detailed schedule of skating session times, visit the coliseum’s website.

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