Ice Skating at the Coast Coliseum

Temperatures were nearing the 70s today, but kids and adults alike spent their Christmas Eve Eve trying not to slip and fall on ice.
Hundreds joined together to ice skate at the Coast Coliseum and really get into the Christmas spirit. Some couples joined hands, some took pictures, and some busted it in front of everyone.
Ice skating at the Coast Coliseum is the only public ice rink between Baton Rouge and Pensacola. It’s slowly becoming a Coast favorite around the holidays, especially for two cousins because it reminds them of roller skating, just a bit harder. Gabrielle Barnes said, “That it’s most like roller skating. (Is it hard?) Yeah!” “(How many times have you fallen would you say?) A hundred,” said Delany Harless.
You still have a chance to skate tomorrow at the Coliseum at 3:30 and then again at 6:30. Skating will resume Monday after Christmas and it lasts until December 31st. It costs $12 to skate.

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