Hydraulic oil spill in Gulfport neighborhood

More than 50 gallons of hydraulic oil was spilled throughout Meadowbrook neighborhood in Gulfport this afternoon.
Around 2 p.m., Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality responded to a call of an oil spill throughout a neighborhood. MDEQ arrived at the scene and confirmed it was a mechanical failure on a Waste Pro garbage truck that caused the hydraulic leak.
The leak goes throughout the entire Meadowbrook neighborhood out onto John Clark Road towards Highway 53. MDEQ has been on scene throughout the day working to clean up the spill. MDEQ On Scene Coordinator Nick Hatten said, “The Harrison County Utility Authority and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality responded, Waste Pro hired some contractors to come out here and we started putting absorbents down immediately.”
According to Hatten, the cleanup is expected to be finished sometime tonight. No one was injured during the spill and no cars have reported damage.

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