Hurricane Katrina Memorial Ceremony

It’s been eleven years since Hurricane Katrina ripped through our coast, devastating the lives of many Mississippians. A ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of the storm was held at Waveland’s ground zero hurricane museum this afternoon. Names of the hundreds lives lost when Katrina tore through the south. Assistant fire fighter at the time, Waveland Mayor Mike Smith remembers the water rising at the fire station when the category five hurricane hit Hancock County. Mayor Smith tells News 25, “By the time we got from my office to the fire truck, it was already waist deep and it was rising.” Waveland fire fighters were forced to evacuate. Mayor Smith says that was the terrifying moment he thought Katrina might take him with her. Mayor Smith tells News 25, “We didn’t know what the water was doing so that was the scary part.” community members and Hancock County officials gathered for a memorial ceremony at Waveland’s old civic center, now the ground zero hurricane museum. The ceremony was a tribute to those who were lost in hurricane Katrina’s path and those whose lives were left in pieces. Monday August twenty ninth will mark eleven years since the storm slashed through the coast. Destroying twenty nine active businesses on the same street at the museum. Museum director Kathy Pinn says the time spent after she evacuated was the most horrific waiting to see what was left of her home town. Kathy Pinn tells News 25, “It was the third day before we saw anything from Waveland, or anybody from Waveland. We saw the police chief coming down the street on Nickelson Avenue and he was in tears.” News 25’s Gina Tomlinson tells us, “The mayor of Waveland says this was the only public building left standing is the entire city after the storm and this is what the civic center looked like before it was restored.” Mayor Smith tells News 25, “I looked and my city was gone. It was devastated. The only partial building that seen was this building here.” A thirty two foot wave almost swallowing the entire city of Waveland. The memorial ceremony was a testament to the resilience and perseverance of overcoming a tropical disaster. Hancock County residents working to rebuild their home and remembering: “how much has been done, how much we have accomplished, and how strong the people and the families are here.”

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