Hurricane Hunters Stay Busy Despite Mild Season

Despite a fairly mild hurricane season thus far, the Hurricane Hunters have been staying busy.

Friday, they moved their Hurricane Hunter lecture series from the Biloxi Visitors Center to the Saenger Theater to accommodate St. Martin’s entire 8th grade class. Hurricane Hunters explained what it is they do when they’re up in the planes in the midst of the storms. This year, they’ve been deployed to both Hawaii and St. Croix.

Second Lieutenant Leesa Froelich of the Hurricane Hunters says, “I think it’s been a little bit busier than anyone had anticipated for this year. As we were told, it was going to be a slower year than usual for us. So the trip out to Hawaii and the few deployments to St. Croix were a little bit more than we were expecting.”

Hurricane season extends all the way through the end of November.

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