Do you have a hurricane evacuation plan ready? Plan ahead for potential storms

Hurricane season begins June 1st.

This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week so now is the perfect time to have your plans in place for an emergency.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is reminding everyone to have an evacuation plan ready now before a storm forms.

The sooner you have a plan in place the easier it will be if and when a storm does hit South Mississippi.

Officials want to remind the public that not everyone can take the main roads like Highway 49 to evacuate. It would cause too much traffic on the roadways which would lead to delays and backups.

There are more than 20 different options to evacuate from the coastal region.  Katey Roh with the Mississippi Department of Transportation said, “Our main goal over at MDOT is to have an evacuation plan and know what route you will take and to know where you will end up after evacuating. So have a location where you can go if a storm does threaten and then once you have that location in place have a route you will take.”

You can find evacuation maps online at

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