Hurricane Camille made landfall 53 years ago

It’s a somber day of remembrance throughout South Mississippi as today is the 53rd anniversary of Hurricane Camille’s landfall.

For many, August 17th, 1969 was northing short of a nightmare. Since then, those who were affected still remember the horrors they faced that day. Today, those memories are still prevalent as ever as we honor those who we lost through the storm.

Today marks the 53rd anniversary of Hurricane Camille. According to the National Weather Service, Camille generated a storm surge of just over 24 feet in Pass Christian.

The category five storm killed 143 people when it slammed into the South Coast. Former Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy said, “The strength of the storm as a young child waking up the next morning devastation.”

The killer storm packed winds estimated at 200 miles per hour. A total of 256 lives across the country were lost that day. “Mother Nature really does show its vengeance sometimes. The bad part is we do lose human life because people don’t take necessary precautions.”

Each year, those victims are honored during a ceremony at Evergreen Cemetery in Gulfport. That’s where three unidentified women were buried. They are referred to as Faith, Hope, and Charity. The annual ceremony is a powerful reminder about how dangerous hurricanes can be. Harrison County EMA Director Matt Stratton said, “It’s also a reminder to us that Hurricane season, and the most active time of hurricane season is upon us and we need to prepare and we need to plan for our own safety.”

This morning, just as in year’s past, fresh flowers were placed on their graves and there was a moment of silence. “Trying to show that remembrance to these three: Faith, Charity and Hope that we still do remember them you know and we do mourn their loss of life.”

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