Hungary: Local win gives opposition hope for national vote

A candidate supported by several opposition parties in Hungary has been elected mayor of a southern city long dominated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party.

Analysts say Peter Marki-Zay’s surprising victory in Hodmezovasarhely on Sunday could mark a new phase in the campaign leading up to the country’s April 8 parliamentary election. They say it shows a united opposition could have a chance against Orban’s Fidesz despite the party’s sizable lead in opinion polls.

Political analyst Gabor Torok said on his website that the outcome of the mayoral election could make the opposition think “a new match is beginning, where if it takes to the field with smart tactics, its situation isn’t hopeless.”

Marki-Zay says his win shows “there is an enormous demand for corruption, lies and intimidation to cease in the country.”

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