Humane Society of South Mississippi hosts Blessing of the Shelter Pets

Today, the Humane Society of South Mississippi held its annual Blessing of the Shelter Pets for all of the animals currently up for adoption.

Employees and volunteers of the shelter gathered about 40 pups together where Father Dominic Pham with Sacred Heart Catholic Church said a quick blessing over them.

He then sprinkled holy water over the heads of each of the dogs and the workers who were blessed as well.

Father Pham then went inside the shelter where he blessed the other 350 animals staying there. HSSM Development Director Katie King said, “We’ll take all the extra blessings we can receive. Everybody is working really hard here at the shelter, shelter staff, employees, volunteers. With over 350 animals in the shelter, nearing 400 animals in house, we can use all the extra help we can get.”

The shelter is still overbooked so call the Humane Society at 228-863-3354 if you are looking to adopt.

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