Humane Society Filled to Capacity

The Humane Society of South Mississippi is scrambling to find forever homes for more than 600 animals in their care. Right now, the shelter is at max capacity.
News 25’s Kristen Durand shows us what this means for the animals and what you can do to help.
Last October, Gauge arrived at the Humane Society of South Mississippi with third degree burns over 60 percent of his body and a bad case of heart warms. Shelter volunteer Wendy Kennedy said, “But everybody fell in love with him the day we met him because he kissed us all in the face even though he was in great pain.”
Now, more than eight months later, Gauge is heartworm free, fully healed and ready to play. He’s just one of the many animals shelter volunteers care for that are in need of a home, especially now because of overcrowding. Just like Rosie, who came to the shelter two months ago. “She’d be good for an older person that’s looking for someone that’s a little mellow because she does get little spurts of energy then she will cuddle with you for an hour and take a nap,” said Kennedy.
Normally the shelter houses about 300 animals, but now Rosie and Gauge are just two of the 442 dogs and cats being cared for in house. Since April 1st of this year, the Humane Society has seen more than 1,300 kittens pass through here. While they can’t fit anymore, they still do all they can to care for each animal. “The thing about this place is we don’t euthanize for space. So a dog like her could sit here for four months waiting for a home,” said Kennedy.
Even if you can’t offer a loving home, there is still a chance to give these animals a better life just through making a donation. Right now, the shelter is in dire need of towels, litter, old shirts and shredded paper. You can also donate time by volunteering. Community Engagement Specialist Katie King, “They get so excited when volunteers come in to take them for walks so they can get some fresh air. Or if you can do slumber parties just to get them out of the shelter for a weekend means the world to them.”
In an effort to find these animals their forever homes, HSSM is having an August Adoption Special ALL MONTH LONG! $15 adoption fees for cats/kittens and large dogs in red, yellow and blue pods and 50% off VIPs and small dogs. The adoption center is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm.

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