Hula hoop fun at River Oaks Elementary

You may have seen the viral video of the kids playing the ‘hula hoop: rock, paper, scissors’ game all over social media. Well, now students at River Oaks Elementary in Gulfport are getting to play it for themselves.

They have separate classes start on two ends of the hula hoop path. The game works like this: the child needs to jump as many hoops as possible until they reach their opponent. Then the two play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and whoever wins gets to continue down the path until they meet another opponent.

The object of the game is to make it all the way down to the end of the path without losing any ‘rock, paper, scissors’ games.

Coach Mitchael Clark says these kids get really into the game. “Oh, they love it, especially when you get almost to the end and you’ve got that one person to beat. Oh, the gym, they go crazy as you will find out. They absolutely love it. That’s our main thing at River Oaks in PE is to get the kids moving.”

Coach Clark wants to continue finding new games the kids will get excited about and that keeps them active.

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