Howard Avenue nears completion in Biloxi

The restoration of Howard Avenue and downtown Biloxi is nearing completion.

Ground was broken back in April and since then crews have been working to complete the work on the historic street. Crews have laid bricks down, transforming Howard Avenue into a two lane street.

If you drive by, the road seems complete, but a small area at the intersection of Howard Avenue and Lameuse Street is still undergoing work after crews hit a literal bump in the road. Biloxi Public Affair Specialist Cecilia Dobbs-Walton said, “They are doing some infrastructure work and while they were doing that they found some trolley lines that they had to remove.  Now they are removing that so now, with a lot of work when they dig down deep to do some work, they found other things that have been left there. They are working on that and once they get that removed and then repair the infrastructure, they will reopen.”

They are hoping to have Howard Avenue completely open by late November.

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