Housing and Health Information Fair

We all know our health is so important, but do you know all the healthcare options available to you?
That’s why the Mississippi Regional Housing Authority, in partnership with United Healthcare Community Plan and My Brother’s Keeper, hosted a housing and health information fair at the Climb CDC Family Enrichment Center.
Over a dozen community organizations were on hand to answer any questions residents might have about their healthcare options. Free HIV testing was also available. Danielle Polk with United Healthcare Community Plan said, “A lot of people don’t know what’s out there for them. We figured to get them out so that they can know what’s going on in the community and what’s available to them.”
Philana Harrell with Mississippi Regional Housing Authority said, “We are trying to get more of the community active as far as getting the information and letting them know what is out there as she said and just letting them know that we’ll come to them with the information. We’ll bring it as close to the home as we can get it.”
If you missed the housing and health fair today, the groups who put this together plan to host another one in the coming months.

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