House Bill 1723 would create tax credit for food bank donations

There is a critical bill for food insecurity that is making its way through the Mississippi Legislature.

House Bill 1723 passed the state House of Representatives with a 117-0 vote. The bill would allow for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for business contributions to a 501(C)3 food bank.

With inflation affecting so many people, food insecurity is at an all-time high in Mississippi.

Local food pantries would certainly benefit if this bill passes. Back Bay Mission Executive Director James Pennington said, “It’s going to help us in Mississippi, because we’re the leaders in food insecurity, help to feed our population and keep our population healthy. One of the things we like to do is that we like to have fresh food, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, things that aren’t necessarily frozen. And so that will help us with more resources, especially as corporations can donate.”

Pennington hopes that the bill will help increase corporate donations because those dollars make up a large chunk of their budget.

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