Hotel Legends holds grand opening in Biloxi

What used to be an eyesore for Biloxi has now flourished into a golden age of Hollywood Hotel. Hotel Legends had its official opening at 2 p.m. today.

After about five years of development, Hotel Legends is finally open to the public. The old retirement community that was left dormant after Hurricane Katrina has now transformed into a golden age of Hollywood relic.  Regional Director of Hotel Operations Kenny Glavan said, “It was a shame to see this building that was literally falling apart. The developers came in, took ownership of it, had a vision and transformed it in to the amazing hotel that it is.”

The hotel has four different styles of rooms where each will feature a picture of Audrey Hepburn and Roger Moore. Fine dining, an exercise room, and a luxury pool area are only part of the experience. Hotel Legends Director of Public Relations Tessy Lambert tells News 25 why guests should expect the best. “You come here for our level of service, our attention to detail, the nostalgia that you are surrounded by, and the experiences that you are provided with. This hotel and restaurant will leave you speechless.”

674 Beach Boulevard in Biloxi is where you can find the new hot location. However, don’t be surprised if the first faces to greet you are faces like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Roger Moore.  “And all the past entertainers, it just started to work and this energy started to develop. It came to life where you see all these entertainers that used to visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast and here they are again and we can join them for a wonderful experience.”

According to the Hotel Legends website, rates are seasonal and based on availability.

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