Hotel accommodations for Hurricane Michael evacuees

Hotels along the Mississippi Gulf Coast are filling up fast with evacuees from Hurricane Michael.

It’s something people on the Coast are very familiar with when it comes to hurricane season: packing what you can and praying all is well when you return back home. News 25 spoke with a few evacuees from Florida who know that no matter what happens after the storm, the sun will shine bright on the road to recovery.

“I pray for all of them, everybody in Florida that was touched by this hurricane.” As Hurricane Michael moved closer to the Florida Panhandle, things looked too serious for Florida residents to stay. It was time to make a decision. Evacuee Paul Lackie said, “I’ve lived in the panhandle for 30 years. It is the first time I’ve ever seen one appear out of nowhere. It really did pop up out of nowhere and catch us by surprise.”

As the category 4 hurricane takes its toll, evacuees made their way to Mississippi Gulf Coast hotels to find a temporary home away from home. Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association Executive Director Linda Hornsby said, “They call a few and they are full. So, they think everybody is full, but they are not. We still have rooms available.”

Although they have to worry about the hurricane at home, Florida residents are pleased to know that hotel rates have stayed the same and they waived pet fees so dogs can stay with their families. The Hyatt Place Hotel General Manager Carlos Borden said, “We are just trying to help out. We know these circumstances are really unfortunate right now. We are doing our best to help them out.”

Evacuee Kristin Taner said, “They just have been very accommodating. It’s just been a great experience. When you are out of your home it’s nice to have a place to come, especially with our pets.”

As they focus on the eye of the storm, Florida evacuees keep their heads high, making the most out of the situation, exploring the Coast until they can return home. “We are enjoying Biloxi, having the best hope that everything is going to be okay when we return back home.”

“We are in positive spirits. We are happy we are just safe and out of the storm’s path. Hopefully, when we go home our house is in good shape.”

If you or someone you know is still looking for a hotel there’s a call center you can reach to check for availability. For more information call 888-388-1006.

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